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Bingo Websites – How We Compare Them

There are so many bingo based websites in the UK marketplace that we see it as our duty to review them fully to allow players like yourself to have the full lowdown on each and every bingo game provider.

In order for us to provide a full review and comparison service, we register and use each and every site that we review. We play the free games and wager small amounts to get a feel for how every site works including how their wagering and withdrawal systems work.

At BingoFly.co.uk you will find each and every brand that we promote has been fully reviewed. As part of this review process, we take into account a number of factors and then provide you with a list of pros and cons as well as an overall rating out of 5.

Our review criteria include the following:

User Experience

Above all, the user experience is key to our review process. This can include how easy it is to sign up as a new member right through to how easy it is to withdraw your cash or close an account.

The games on offer, the speed of the website, any reported user concerns with games and the general playability of the website is focused on when it comes to the user experience.

From your feedback, we know that this is one of the biggest factors you guys look for when choosing a long-term company to play with so this factor is key to our reviews.

No Deposit Required Offers

There are plenty of bingo sites out there that have no deposit offers and we also know that this is something that many of our website visitors look for when opening a new account.

Many of you will just look to play the free games or look to open an account but want to give it a thorough test before departing with any of your hard-earned cash. Reputable bingo companies recognise this and therefore advertise these offers for new customers.

As this is such an important feature for many new customers we view this as being very important when reviewing bingo sites.

Bonus System and Wagering Requirements

The bonus system for new customers of bingo websites is another vitally important factor in our review process. New customers can expect to receive anything between a 100% and 600% first deposit bonus means that if you deposit £10 you might be given a bonus of anything up to £50!

These offers can be very enticing to new customers but we also take in to account the wagering and withdrawal requirements for these bingo sites. Some sites will ask you to play through your bonus 10-20 times before you can withdraw it, so although it may seem like the higher bonus sites are the best option, sometimes the lower bonus websites have less play through requirements.

We assess the deposit bonus and play through requirements of each bingo site we review.

Types of Software Used

There are a number of different software types used within the bingo game industry and you can expect different benefits and drawbacks with different types of games depending on the software they use.

The most popular software used in the UK online bingo industry are Cozy Games, Gamesys, GlobalCom, Virtue Fusion and Microgaming.

We take in to account which software is used on each bingo game we compare as ti can have an impact on the playing experience, the types and amount of jackpots and the also the chances of winning.

Licensed and Regulated Websites Only

With the number of bingo sites prevalent just in the UK online gaming market, there is a greater need for licensing and regulation to be in force. We take our responsibility towards safe gaming and sensible gambling very seriously and for this reason, we only promote sites that meet with the approval of the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

We regularly review the websites that we have assessed previously and remove any that do not fall within the UKGC guidelines.

Other Unique Benefits/Drawbacks

The final element of our bingo site comparison review is a more flexible one. Anything else that is not covered above will also be calculated in the final score. Every now and again, a site or game comes out that has something a little bit different to the rest – if we find it then we will tell you about it in our review.

Commitment to Responsible Gaming and Gambling

Bingo and gaming should be fun. If it stops being fun or if you think you might have a problem then the first thing you need to do is STOP. Then you need to seek support. We have the National Gambling Helpline telephone number at the bottom of each page of our site. If you need it then please use it.